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1v1 Event
There will be a 1v1 Tourney held Sunday, February 24th at 5 PM CST.

We will be making a roster in the coming days, and the maps will be as follows:

1. Cure (oxodm120)

[Image: cure.jpg]

2. Aerowalk

[Image: aerowalk.jpg]

3. Totally Lost (pro-nodm9)

[Image: totally-lost.jpg]

4. Sinister (oxodm100)

[Image: sinister1.png]

5. Blood Run

[Image: blood-run-tourney.jpg]

6. Pro-q3dm6

[Image: pro-q3dm6.jpg]

7. Furious Heights (oxodm14)

[Image: furious-heights.jpg]

8. Toxicity (oxodm89)

[Image: toxicity.jpg]

All maps are available for download directly on the server by enabling auto download (cl_allowdownload 1) and connecting to

Anyone who would like to join may do so by entering your name on the 1v1 Tourney within our discord @

Good luck and may the best WIN!

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