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CTF Rotation
Per request we are looking to bring some new maps into the CTF server rotation, but that also means we need to take a few out. Lets start with the current rotation:

1. ospctf1 "White Noise - F3 Edition"

[Image: ospctf1.jpg]

2. q3ctf1 "Dueling Keeps"

[Image: q3ctf1.jpg]

3. japanctf "Japanese Castles ctf"

[Image: japanctf.jpg]

4. q3ctf4 "Space CTF"

[Image: q3ctf4.jpg]

5. q3ctf2 "Troubled Waters"

[Image: q3ctf2.jpg]

6. q3ultradm13 "Q3ULTRADM13"

[Image: q3ultradm13.jpg]

7. ospctf2 "Crossed Paths - F3 Edition"

[Image: ospctf2.jpg]

8. q3wctf1 "Bloodlust"

[Image: q3wctf1.jpg]

9. ctctf6 "Rocky Rampage"

[Image: ctctf6.jpg]

10. overskillctf "OVerSKill CTF"

[Image: overskillctf.jpg]

11. q3wctf2 "Courtyard Conundrum"

[Image: q3wctf2.jpg]

12. q3wctf3 "Finnegan's Revenge"

[Image: q3wctf3.jpg]

13. q3tourney6_ctf "Across Space"

[Image: q3tourney6_ctf.jpg]

14. q3wcp9 "Spider Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp9.jpg]

Now for the considered.

A. q3wcp23 "The Vast and Furious"

[Image: q3wcp23.jpg]

B. wcp18 "Future Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp18.jpg]

C. wcp5 "Shinning Forces"

[Image: q3wcp5.jpg]

D. wxs1 "Silly Railings"

[Image: q3wxs1.jpg]

E. wcp10 "Crude Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp10.jpg]

We would like to know which maps You! would like to see go, and which ones you would like to see join the rotation. Thanks ~

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