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Need your feed back
Okay ,
I know some are unhappy with the freeze server  because there are some bug we can't really fix,  eg;  spec enemy team, the thaw time seem to not work are 2 examples i hear the most ...     

Atm Freeze server use the European rule set like Quake live and many seem to dislike because they are used to play on Crom  freeze .. 

So let us know about what you like or dislike and we will look into this and maybe we can swap the server side mode to fix the actual bug and please everyone.
It's odd that you compare it to a template in ql regarding the thaw time, because this is one of the things I noticed actually. QL had a lesser thaw time and more similar to whats on CROM a comparison of about a second less than what currently is on Arti freeze. I'm up to try something else and see what some other options are but atm I find the locked spec to be more annoying than waiting 1 more sec for a thaw...but that 1 more sec is kinda boring to wait lol. Anyways whatever the other options are I'd like to see.

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